Our Mission

Let’s cross borders together!

Operating worldwide from our headquarters in Hamburg, the ‘gateway to the world’, we have but one mission: To make the logistics of cross-border e-commerce as easy as they should be!

We are an innovative company.

Innovating the world of cross-border logistics is at the core of what we do. Hermes BorderGuru was born in 2014 out of an IT-project that should soon turn into a fully-fledged logistics solution ready to disrupt the international e-commerce market. With a diverse and dynamic team, we are driven by our vast repertoire of experience and expertise in the fields of logistics, e-commerce and IT. Whether it’s improving our IT-platform or optimizing our logistics and customs handling processes - the world of e-commerce reinvents itself each day, and so do we.

And we are not alone with our ambitions. As part of the Hermes Group, a multinational group specialised in international logistics solutions for the retail industry, we have a powerful partner behind us. And as Hermes is a subsidiary of the Otto Group, one of the largest B2C online retailers in the fashion and lifestyle category worldwide, you could say we even have e-commerce on our side!

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