Our Mission

Let’s cross borders together!

Operating worldwide from our headquarters in Hamburg, the ‘gateway to the world’, we have but one mission: To make the logistics of cross-border e-commerce as easy as they should be!

We are an innovative company.

Innovating the world of cross-border logistics is at the core of what we do. Hermes BorderGuru was born in 2014 out of an IT-project that should soon turn into a fully-fledged logistics solution ready to disrupt the international e-commerce market. With a diverse and dynamic team, we are driven by our vast repertoire of experience and expertise in the fields of logistics, e-commerce and IT. Whether it’s improving our IT-platform or optimizing our logistics and customs handling processes - the world of e-commerce reinvents itself each day, and so do we.

And we are not alone with our ambitions. As part of the Hermes Group, a multinational group specialised in international logistics solutions for the retail industry, we have a powerful partner behind us. And as Hermes is a subsidiary of the Otto Group, one of the largest B2C online retailers in the fashion and lifestyle category worldwide, you could say we even have e-commerce on our side!

International team of professionals
Network of professional partners
Leader in cross-border e-commerce logistics
Who we are

The team behind Hermes BorderGuru

Managing Director
Head of Product Development
Head of Technology
Project Lead Billing
Malte Gosau
Christoph Giffey
Sven Kalow
Monique Lück

His background in law and business as well as extensive experience in the world of IT prepared Malte for the challenge of building and running Hermes BorderGuru. Having worked with e-commerce platforms and merchants before, he gained a unique understanding of their needs which still fuels Hermes BorderGuru today.

On a sunny evening, he'll be throwing BBQ-parties for his family and close friends!

His international experience in business and IT, as well as heading several bootstrapping projects, gave Christoph the skills needed to build a tech-focused startup from scratch as Hermes BorderGuru's first employee!
He especially enjoys the competitiveness of a market where a smart product can still make the difference.

On a sunny evening, you'll most likely find him sipping a cold summer ale on Hamburg's waterfront!

Years of experience in software development and a deep understanding of breaking down large monolithic systems into reliable, flexible microservices made Sven the perfect fit to catapult Hermes BorderGuru into the future.

Having experienced a complete startup journey once before, his experience makes him an invaluable source of stability. The best way to bribe him? Dark nut chocolate!

Her background in retail and supply chain management, paired with the drive to dive deeper into the digital world, brought Monique to Hermes BorderGuru. Her international experience made her the perfect fit for leading our diverse operations department in tackling the unique challenges of an innovative product.

Her favourite pastime? Remembering her time in Singapore over some good Asian food!

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