Your customers are
half the world away?

With our cross-border logistics solution, your global customers enjoy the same hassle-free shopping and shipping experience your local customers love!

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International shipping is complicated,
slow and extremely expensive.
Your customers notice that.

We make it easier!

Easier for your customers.

Coherent tracking with one unique identifier.
One unique tracking code from dispatch, through customs, right up until delivery, regardless of carrier changes.
Transparent fees and duties shown at checkout.
Duties and taxes displayed and prepaid at checkout to avoid frustrating surprise costs later.
Delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep.
A network of our local partners delivers the shipment right to the door – no nasty trip to the customs office!
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Easier for you as a merchant.

Simplified customs handling.
We take care of customs, import and export with the data you provide us about the shipment.
Our warehouses are where you are.
Deliver your shipments to one of our global export warehouses using your preferred local carrier or let us pick them up!
Priority shipping with postal prices.
Through close cooperation with strong logistics partners around the globe and volume consolidation, we can offer you competitive prices.
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There are even more reasons to start shipping with Hermes BorderGuru!

Quick and easy integration
Simple integration into existing e-commerce or warehouse systems.
A dedicated team of experts
Our team combines extensive experience in IT, e-commerce, logistics and customs handling.
Part of the Hermes Group
The Hermes Group gives us access to a strong network of international logistics partners.
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